Art Classes with Ingrid Harper


10 classes starting Tuesday, September 12 and ending Thursday, November 16

Price $140 for the term or $15 per class. 

Cash or check payable to Ingrid Harper at the beginning of class.

Supply list: To every class please bring a spiral bound sketchbook, approximately 9x12inches.

Class Time: Classes meet once a week.  Please pick one class time from the following:

Tuesday: 4:30-6pm; ages 5 through adult

or Wednesday: 3:30-5:00pm; ages 5 through adult

or Thursday: 3:30-5:00pm; ages 5 through adult 

If you can not come to your regular class time you are welcome to come for a make-up class within the same week. Please let me know beforehand

which day you will be coming.

Vacation: There are no classes during the week of November 20-24

Winter term starts Tuesday, November 28, 2017 and ends Thursday, February 22, 2018



This is a tentative schedule. It may be revised as we go along

Fall term: Tuesday, September 12-Thursday, November 16.


10 classes starting Tuesday, September 12 to Thursday, November 16

Week 1 Starting Tuesday, September 12
Focus: Repetition, rhythm, balance, primary colors
Artist: Piet Mondrian
Materials: Black tempera paint, cardboard strips, oil pastels
We will make a network of horizontal and vertical lines using cardboard strips dipped in black tempera paint. When it is dry, we will look for squares in the network of lines and use oil pastels in primary colors to color them in.

Week 2 Starting Tuesday, September 19

Focus: Trees

Artist: Piet Mondrian

Materials: Pencils

We will study trees and draw one in great detail in the backyard

Week 3 Starting Tuesday, September 26
Focus: Abstract art
Materials: Watercolor and water soluble pencils
Continuing the study of Piet Mondrian we will make a drawing that is an abstraction of the drawing of a tree we did in last class and finish it with watercolor

Week 4 Starting Tuesday, October 3
Focus: In the Garden
Artist: Monet; Book I Monet's Garden
Materials: Pencil and gouache
Weather permitting we will draw outside focusing on shape, repetition and variation of the flowers and plants in the garden.

Week 5 Starting Tuesday, October 10
Focus: In the Garden collage
Artist: Monet
Materials; Pictures by Monet from his garden. Scissors, glue, water color.
We will start making a watercolor as the foundation for a collage using Monet's pictures and add our own ideas

Week 6 Starting Tuesday, October 17
Focus: Sphere
Artist: M.C. Escher
Materials: Pencils and conte crayon and a variety of different balls.
We will draw the balls using pencil first and the conte crayon looking for shadows, highlights, and cast shadows. We will make a final drawing creating a game in space by using different sizes of balls.

Week 7 Starting Tuesday, October 24
Focus: Hands
Artist: Albright Durer, Picasso, M.C. Escher
Materials: Pencil, baseballs, tennis balls, golf balls
We will draw different positions of our hand holding a variety of balls.

Week 8 Starting Tuesday, October 31
Focus: Size, foreshortening, repetition and variation
Artist: Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland" and surrealist artist Salvador Dali
Materials: pencil, watercolor and shoes
We will work become "curiouser and curiouser" about foreshortening as we learn about the story of "Alice in Wonderland" and draw big feet

Week 9 Starting Tuesday, November 7
Focus: Illustration
Artist: Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland"
Materials: pencil
We will use excerpts from the story about Alice to draw an illustration for "Alice in Wonderland"

Week 10 Starting Tuesday, November 14
Focus: Illustration
Artist: Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland"
Materials: Pen, ink, and gouache
We will continue on the illustrations and draw them up with pen and ink and color with gouache

There are no art classes during the week of November 20-24

Winter term start November 28, 2017 and ends Thursday, February 22, 2018