Art Classes with Ingrid Harper


Inclement weather: If the Beaverton School District is closed, there will be no art class

10 classes starting Tuesday, November 27 andending Thursday, February 14, 2019

Price $140 for the term or $15 per class. 

Cash or check payable to Ingrid Harper at the beginning of class.

Supply list: To every class please bring a spiral bound sketchbook, approximately 9x12inches. You will also need a 9"x12" canvas board by January 15

Class Time: Classes meet once a week. Please pick one class time from the following:

Tuesday: 3:30-5pm; ages 5 through adult

or Wednesday: 3:30-5:00pm; ages 5 through adult

or Thursday: 4:30-6:00pm; ages 5 through adult 

If you can not come to your regular class time you are welcome to come for a make-up class within the same week. Please let me know beforehand

which day you will be coming.

Winter vacation: Tuesday, December 25 - Thursday, January 8 2019 

Winter term ends Thursday, February 14, 2019

Spring term is from Tuesday, February 19 to Thursday, May 27, 2019


This is a tentative schedule. It may be revised as we go along

Winter term: 10 classes from Tuesday, November 27 -Thursday, February 14, 2019

Week 1 Starting Tuesday, November 27

Focus: Ellipses

Artist: Morandi, Chardin 
Materials: Pencils and gouache 
We will start by practicing drawing ellipses (frisbees, flying saucers), and make a painting out of it. Then we will draw a still life inspired by Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin and Giorgio Morandi.

Week 2 Starting Tuesday, December 4

Focus: Circles 

Materials: Pencil and water color 

We will draw the face of a cat using a circle and draw the eyes based on circle. 

Week 3 Starting Tuesday, December 11
Focus: Circles and curvilinear patters (wavy, curved, closed loop, open loop)
Materials: pencils, sharpie and fine tipped pens
We will draw a catface using zentangle.

Week 4 Starting Tuesday, December 18 
Focus: Story telling

Artist: Eric Carle: "Today is Monday"
Materials: Pencils, gouache, collage 
We will each pick a day of the week, and an animal and a favorite dish and make our own "Today is Tuesday".

Happy holidays! No classes until January 8, 2019

Week 5 Starting Tuesday, January 8
Focus: Color and shape

Artist: Eric Carle and Franz Marc

Materials: Pencils, collage papers, scissors and glue and gouache

We will draw the shapes of a horse and glue them on a background we have painted

Week 6 Starting Tuesday, January 15
Focus: Complex shapes

Artist: Eric Carle "From Head to Toe"
Materials: Pencil and collage materials
We will get inspired by Eric Carle's book and choose an animal we want to imitate and juxtapose the two images, one of the animal moving, and one of you mowing in the same way..

Week 7 Starting Tuesday, January 22
Focus: National Junior Duck Stamp Competition 2019

Artist: Scot Storm "Each brushstroke counts
Materials: Pencil, 9'x12' canvas board and acrylics for underpainting
We will pick a species from the Jr. Duck Stamp list and make a large drawing on a canvas board. Finally we will apply the imprimatura.

Week 8 Starting Tuesday, January 29
Focus: 2019 Jr.Duck Stamp Competition
Materials: Pencil, canvas board and acrylics
We will start by adjusting the drawing and focus on the habitat. Then we will paint a thin underpainting before starting on the details of the bird. 

Week 9 Starting Tuesday, February 5
Focus: Competition

Materials: Canvas board, acylics .    
We will continue working on the details of the bird and the background remembering that each brush stroke counts .   

Week 10 Starting Tuesday, February 12 
Focus: Competition
Materials:Canvas board and acylics
We will add the final touches to our entries for the competition and fill out the entry form as well as writing the conservation message we want to submit.


Spring term is from Tuesday, February 19 to Thursday, May 2, 2019